Buyer Protection

We all love a bit of certainty don’t we? That’s why we came up with a way to make your sustainable sourcing journey a bit safer!


Well, with our Buyer Protection Program. Whenever you place an order through Manufy we will hold onto your payment and only forward it to the manufacturer when your goods have arrived. 

Feels safe right? We feel very safe about it. 

Besides this new feature, you will also be able to manage all your orders and payments through Manufy. Negotiating terms and conditions, receiving samples, or placing re-orders, it all is a lot easier and safer now. And in case a dispute arises with a manufacturer, Manufy is there to help. 

Are you ready to try this new tool in Manufy’s toolbox? 

Then let’s get sourcing.

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Safe and Secure

Manufy hosts connections between countless of conscious brands and sustainable manufacturers, every day. To give both parties the best possible experience we want to make the ordering process as safe and secure as can be. Our features help users place orders, get samples, have trust in negotiations and come back for re-orders. Buyer protection helps us help you be sure that your delivery goes according to plan.


  • Secure Payments

  • Built-in Buyer Protection on orders

  • Free co2 compensation on all orders done through Manufy

  • Help from Manufy team in case a dispute arises

  • Organise all projects in one place

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  • Secure Payments

  • Organise projects in one place

  • Help from Manufy team when a dispute arises

  • Unlock more perks with a higher trust score

  • Build a customer base online

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