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Heunec Plüsch is a producer of toys, stationed in Germany. Great quality is one of the core
values of the company. Besides that, the toys are priced reasonably to reach a wide range of
customers. The production consists of all sorts of cuddly items. The Teddy Bear being the
most recognisable of them all.

Collaboration with GOTS
The manufacturer is working on new products. This new product line is designed for babies
and consists of fully organic materials. The product line will be GOTS certified. GOTS stands
for Global Organic Textile Standard and is an international label, that inspects the entire
supply chain of cotton on sustainability. It is the strictest textile standard available at the
moment, so Heunec is very pleased with the certification. 

The products of Heunec must consist of at least 70 percent or at least 95 percent organically
produced materials. As a customer, you can recognize the GOTS certification by the labels in
the products, named ‘made with organic’. Other reasons Heunec is enthusiastic about GOTS
is because it won a nationwide test in Germany conducted by Stiftung warentest. Heunec is
established in Germany, so they attach importance to the Stiftung warentest.

About toy products 
Making products following the GOTS requirements is simply the safest option for the new
baby toys. Besides producing fully organic materials, Heunec Plüsch sources their wood
from sustainably managed forests, called FSC. Heunec produces on average two million
plush animals and are one of the ten largest manufacturers in the German traditional toy
trade. The philosophy is all about representing real quality for a reasonable price. It is a
guarantee for the unique products. There is great attention to detail during the production.
Heunec Plüsch is simply always on a mission to cuddle!

Opportunity at Manufy
Heunec is focusing on limiting their footprint where possible. To accomplish that, they must
look for product places closer to home. Overseas there is no chance to lower the footprint
significantly. Ever since they heard about Manufy, they see a new way how to offset their
emissions and reach sustainable objectives. Other objectives Heunec Plüsch wants to reach
at Manufy is greater visibility of their company and online products.

“Since the company’s founding in the year 1891, the wishes of our customers have been at
the heart of our work. This means that year on year we produce plush animal toys which
have their own unique character.

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