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Gabriella Chiara Maria Ferrante is a designer of leather bags and accessories. GcmF, short for Gabriella Chiara Maria Ferrante, is a brand with a passion for leather. The main mission of the brand is finding the perfect balance between style and sustainability. 

GcmF has a limited number of designs to fight against overproduction and the need to want ‘more, more and more’. The thought behind this idea is quality, not quantity. Why do we need to buy new things every season? Exactly, we don’t! That’s why GcmF tries to teach customers about informed choices.


Sustainable and local sourcing

Since the founding of the business in 2013, being sustainable and ethical are two of the most important keywords in all business aspects. GcmF does not wrap products in plastic or use plastic tapes for delivery. The glues they use to make the leather bags are water-based and she only uses cowhides as they are mostly a by-product of the meat industry. That does not mean she approves the meat industry, but it is much better than using petroleum-based vinyl. 

Besides being sustainable, GcmF is also focusing on local sourcing. The brand makes most of her one-off pieces out of off-cuts or surplus from European manufacturers. Almost all the leather is Blue Angel certified. Blue Angel is the first worldwide environmental label for products and services that have environmentally friendly aspects. Local and sustainable sourcing is important for designer Ferrante, as manufacturer and consumer. 


Working on...

A development GcmF is working on, is looking towards leather alternatives. This is quite a challenge since most products are not satisfactory as of this moment. Right now, GcmF does not use petroleum-based vinyl and products like pineapple to improve sustainability. It supports the design principle and keeps the costs of the GcmF bags and accessories lower. 


Future at Manufy

Local and sustainable sourcing is not easy for small producers like Ferrante; therefore she is joining Manufy. “It is hard to find information online for GcmF’s business objectives because you are often limited by ‘minimum order quantities’ as a small producer. Sourcing community Manufy will help GcmF source products that could be used as an alternative to leather, so together, we can lower the footprint and work on a more sustainable fashion world.”


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