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5 takeaways from the new EU textile Strategy

By |април 28th, 2022|

In march 2022 the European Commission set out plans to bring more sustainability to the textile industry announcing the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles. According to the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan (who’s commitments are [...]

The Metaverse: is this mysterious reality the new frontier of fashion?

By |април 13th, 2022|

The Metaverse. You probably have heard about it over the past year. This nebulous notion that inspired Facebook’s new name, Meta, has been a popular topic of discussion since its rebranding in October  2021. “Metaverse” is currently a buzzword [...]

The world of local fabric sourcing – Fil Etik

By |януари 26th, 2022|

Last week we had the pleasure of (e) meeting Florence from Fil Etik. Vibrant, easy going and inspiring are qualities that stand out from our conversation. She is in charge of design and sourcing at Fil Etik, but originally [...]

5 goals for the Fashion Industry

By |януари 7th, 2022|

New year, new energy, new projects and new goals. We know that when the clock hits 12 o’clock we aim to be a better version of ourselves as we were the year before. Here at Manufy we feel there [...]

Welcome to Manufy, a platform for honest communication.

By |декември 15th, 2021|

We are excited to introduce you to a new way of connection within Manufy. We are always striving to improve, and the past has shown us that in order to have a great platform we need to be great [...]

More than textiles; a system.

By |ноември 19th, 2021|

In our second episode of our online webinar serie, Fashion Talks, we invited Niccy Kol, from Raddis Cotton to dive deep into the world of sustainable material sourcing. As a textile expert she has worked with Escada, Gerry Weber, [...]

Can fashion be sustainable?

By |октомври 14th, 2021|

Sustainability, the new go-to buzz word of fashion brands the last few years. We hear it so much these days that it almost lost its true meaning. That doesn’t make it less of an important topic to discuss, [...]

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